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Project Management Consultancy Services

Industrial Projects

Industrial projects often present complex and unique challenges. The age-old battle between budget and schedule overruns continue to be fought on a daily basis by clients, causing detrimental effects on operations, and costly commissioning delays, from a loss of production standpoint. This necessitates both deep experience executing complex projects, meticulous scheduling as well as the latest technology wherever appropriate to dynamically reassess the impact of delays to reset expectations.


  • Planning, Analysis and techno-economic feasibility reports (TEFR)
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Process Know-How Selection
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement & Contract Engineering
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Inspection & Expediting

Complete range of technical services required for Project from concept to commissioning. Preparation of techno-economic feasibility reports (TEFR), Detailed Project report (DPR), due diligent study of existing installations is the few which comes under other regular services before start of actual project execution. Ensure complete engineering to minimize interface related problems involving various engineering agencies. This will facilitate speedy engineering, matching the actual site requirements, resulting reduced overall project implementation time. Based on the indigenous design and engineering with maximization of indigenous procurement from fully developed vendor base will optimize the project cost with less procurement time. Thus, dependency on foreign suppliers could be minimized.

We support for Selection of technology based on the demands of the focused customers, available raw materials and other economics with comprehensive integrated engineering services for both conventional and emerging technologies. Undertake the Design & Engineering of the complete facilities based on the basic engineering received from technology provider, review the Design solutions for operation & maintenance- friendly plant, constructability to avoid surprises during site execution and commissioning. Integration with the existing system (brown field projects). Preparation of detailed technical specification.

    Our strengths

  • Specialists from core process and engineering disciplines with global experience
  • Multi-disciplinary teams experienced working together
  • State-of-the-art systems and documentation solutions
  • Able to quickly respond to changing customer requirements
  • Flexible pricing modes, e.g. time and materials, fixed price

Project Management

Effective Project Management is the key to managing change and innovation successfully in today's rapidly evolving technology domains. Our in-depth understanding of the concepts and techniques required to manage projects of any capacity and scale. Its experience across a wide range of industries encourages give-and-take of ideas and adoption of best practice techniques.

As Project Management Consultant, we provide management services required for smooth implementation of a complex project typically through LSTK/EPC contractors. Provide management advice/guidance to defining scope and interfaces of various agencies. We serve clients with the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed their needs and expectations from a project. Meeting or exceeding stakeholder needs and expectations in a fast-paced and competitive environment invariably involves balancing competing organizational demands, including Design & Engineering, Project scope, time, cost, quality, Stakeholders with differing needs and expectations, Identified requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations).

Our skills and services, coupled with its global reach across all markets gives it a distinct edge over others in project consulting.


  • Project Planning
  • Schedule Management
  • Project Evaluation
  • Progress Reporting
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management & Performance Monitoring
  • Materials Management
  • Assistance in Commissioning
  • Follow-up and Expediting Services
  • Budgetary Cost-Control

Detailed Engineering Services

Our Designing & Engineering work is based on credible and recognized international standards and codes, depending on the client and nature of project.

  • Design and build capability coupled with adoption of modern technologies.
  • Integrated solutions for mechanical, electrical, control & instrumentation, Civil and Structural design.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.
  • Pipe flexibility and stress analysis through CAESAR II.
  • Structural Analysis & Design through STAAD PRO.
  • Coordinated 2D/3D drawings.
  • 3D coordinated drawings on REVIT.
  • International standards, codes and design practices.
  • On-site design coordinators.
  • System-wide and third-party coordination.
  • QA/QC processes.

Construction Support

We provide the following construction support:

  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Safety Coordination and Management
  • Contracting Strategy Definition
  • Construction Execution Plan Development
  • Site Facilities Planning
  • Construction Sequence and Logistics Planning
  • RFI Program Implementation and Resolution
  • Interface Management Planning
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Cost and Schedule Management
  • Material Control / Procurement Support
  • Field Contract Administration
  • Field Document Control Management
  • Inspection Coordination
  • Client Representation

Procurement Assistance Services

In today’s highly competitive world, winning is the default measure of success in business. Turnover and profit are important measures, but expenditure is just as critical. It’s not about buying more for less; it’s about buying the right things more effectively. Procurement professionals are tasked with finding savings and reducing risks in an increasingly complex world.Across the procurement lifecycle, our capabilities simplify procurement complexity to create value and enable growth. Sourcing, purchasing and intelligence in one seamless solution. Giving the power back to the buyer, because we all want to win.

The process of selecting suppliers and construction contractors is a strategic process. It directly impacts the performance of time, safety, quality, and cost indicators, and if properly performed can give a competitive edge to companies delivering engineering procure construct (EPC) projects.

Prequalification criteria for supplier evaluation will be carried out, based on technical capabilities & quality of product, past experience, past performance, equipment capabilities, capacity to supply, life cycle cost, service support, delivery time etc.

Our procurement-assistance services help clients to buy industrial goods and services with efficiency and effectiveness, thereby not only lowering procurement costs but also decreasing the purchase cycle-time. Measurable outcomes for clients are delivered through specialists having deep knowledge of an extensive range of material-categories.

    Our offer includes

  • Technical procurement services.
  • Selection of the most economical technology suppliers.
  • Technical Bid evaluation.
  • Check the credentials of the supplier & erection contractors.
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